Home Theater Video Projector Screens

An overview of video projection screens —

Manual pull-down models are somewhat like a window shade – pull ’em down while using your projector and retract them when not in use. Many of us first saw a manual model in a school classroom. Classroom models are quite cost effective for budget home theaters. I have one in my living room and it serves the purpose quite well. It also provided a compromise with my wife who did not want an obtrusive fixed model in our family’s living room.

Electric varieties are convenient yet pricey. At the touch of a button your projection surface drops into view and is ready for use. Costs have dropped recently and they can now be found for under $400. Remote control models offer the ultimate in convenience. 

Fixed models offer the flattest surface of any variety but you must live with it in place all the time. Fixed projection screens are best suited for dedicated Home Theaters. Manufactured models are convenient and easy to assemble.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) types are usually fixed in place (although some ingenious types have built electric models) and fashioned from either fabric or a variety of fiberboard.

Whatever your specific needs from manual to remote controlled electric — you’ll find that a dedicated custom surface for your projector’s image will provide best results and make your home theater look and feel like you and your friends and/or family are actually at the cinema. Just fire up the projector and pop some corn and the movie theater comes home to you without all the fuss (not to mention the gas prices to get there) of the local movie house.

This overview is often updated – please check back soon for some great information on surfaces for your video projector image.

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