Wireless Speakers for Home Theater

Benefits of Wireless Speakers
If you’ve ever had to deal with a tangled mess of speaker wires, had to run wires through a crawl space or through a hot attic or if you ever had to drill holes through a hardwood floor to conceal wires to the rear surround speakers … you are sure to appreciate the convenience of wire-less speakers. Yes – “wire-less” as there are no quality, totally wire-free speakers. All “wire-less” speakers need a receiver and power supply — more on that later.

Wireless technology is relatively new for home theater surround sound systems. From small, low-powered standalone rear-surround models to moderately powered (and highly priced) complete 7.1 systems including sub-woofers from audiophile quality manufacturers — you’ll find a model that fits into your budget.

As hinted above, while there’s actually no such thing as totally wireless speakers (except for very low quality and low powered rear surrounds) several manufacturers now offer wireless equipped Bulk email Verification rear surrounds with their HTiB systems or offer an option with selected receivers to add a module that allows for eliminating running wires to at least the rear surround speakers. Such modules are modestly priced and can eliminate the need to conceal the associated connecting wires which can sometimes entail crawling thru some tight areas. In order to have really good quality sound and power levels the enclosed onboard amplifiers will need an A/C power cord run to them – but at least you won’t have to bother with stringing speaker wires to those speakers. 

Home Theater rear wireless image

Other manufacturers offer systems which connect to your receiver and transmit sound via RF signals to rear speakers which can even be battery operated. The battery systems seem somewhat odd as you could need to replace the power cells in the middle of a movie. Progress is slowly being made to turn what started as a wireless system for your computer sound card into a high quality audio experience for your Home Theater. 

An Interesting Universal Rear Wireless System from RocketFish

I recently was sent a rear speaker system from RocketFish (a Best Buy in-house brand) for evaluation. I was skeptical at first that such a small unit would produce quality audio. But to say my first impression was mistaken would be an understatement. The unit actually performs VERY well. I connected it and sat back to enjoy a PBS presentation of Huey Lewis and The News: Live at 25. My rear surround speakers sounded fine with full presence and plenty of power.

The RocketFish system is again not totally wireless but does not need bothersome batteries as do some units. There is a transmitter with a power supply that you connect to your rear speaker leads at your receiver and a receiving unit that you place at the rear of your room near your speakers. The receiver has a power cord, volume control for matching rear to front levels, and can be horizontally or vertically mounted as well as wall mounted via the unit’s mounting holes. The receiver is then connected to your rear surround speakers via two speaker wires. The convenient factor of course is that you do not have to run wires all the way across your room.

The specs say there it has a 25W output with .10 harmonic distortion factor but the unit had plenty of power and every note was clear and distortion free. Later my wife and I screened the latest Grudge2 horror flick and the rear surround effects were clear and chilling. I give the Rocketfish Universal Wireless Kit a big “thumbs up”. It’s available from Amazon and Best Buy and has an MSRP of $109.99.

An additional note on the RocketFish unit is that although it is billed as a Rear Wireless speaker kit it could also be used as a “B side speakers” extender kit and you could use it to place stereo speakers outside on a patio without having to run the wires to that location as well — just food for thought. 

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