A brief history of the electric can opener

I am sure you are familiar with the dreaded question surrounding a certain chicken and an egg, however, what about the can and the can opener? Which one of these came first?

Looking back in history the honor of inventing the can was given to Peter Durand in the 1810’s. It was invented to hold sterile foods for travel on the long sometimes endless voyages at sea. The food kept better in a tin can and did not stand the test of breakage as did a glass jar. Of course at this stage an best electric can opener is not even imaginable yet. They are still opening cans with chisel and hammers at this point.

Approximately 50 years later a man named Ezra Warner dubbed an item his by slapping a patent on the first can opener, of course not an electric can opener, but a manual one nonetheless. This made it possible to put down the chisel and hammer and go to the corner store to have cans opened due to the fact at this point they still were not available for actual use in homes. The General Store would have one mounted on the table for customers to use if they needed.

To many peoples’ satisfaction the rotating wheel on the can opener was originally introduced and patented by a man name William Lyman in 1870. After several patent changes introduced by Star Can Company in 1925 and then again in 1931 the best electric can opener as we know it today was introduced to the world.

Nowadays, we cannot walk into a kitchen without seeing one of these mechanical marvels on display on a shelf just waiting to serve its very purpose to make our lives a little bit easier everyday.Share and Enjoy:

An electric can opener to make their life a little easier

For many people something as simple as a kitchen appliance can be very important for their ease of use in the kitchen.  When it became apparent that my mother was having a hard time every time she tried to use a manual can opener, I knew it was time she entered the 20th century and purchase an best electric can opener.

When the time comes for any child to make decisions for their parents, they always seem to feel as though they are not able to do it anymore.  I did not want this to happen to my mother.  I explained to her there were several different kinds of can openers better and would actually benefit her in the long run.  I insisted that she come to the store with me to see exactly what kind of electric can opener would be best for her.

The next time we went to a department store I showed her the different makes, models and versions that were available now.  I showed her how easy it would be to place a can on the magnet and simply press the handle down to open the can easily.  I pointed out to her that all of the pain in her fingers from her arthritis would lessen when she simply eliminated the manual can opener she currently uses.

When we got home I went online and showed her an excellent electric can opener made by Black & Decker that would be perfect for her.  We were lucky enough to find one that even matched the color of her kitchen.  After a little convincing, she decided it would be for her benefit to give it a try.

I am proud to say that my mother is now the owner of and electric can opener that has its very own place on her countertop.  I often joke around with her just as a reminder of the convincing I had to go through to get her to even try something new.  We are all happy that her hands do not ache half as much as they did before.

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