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Your Home Theater Room Design Video Display and Speaker Placement Room Acoustics, Lighting and Seating

Room Design for Your Home Theater Project Bringing the HT Cinema experience home is one of the basic goals of home theater enthusiasts. Whether you desire to avoid crowded theaters with over-priced concessions and poorly calibrated projection and sound systems or just would like to treat your family and friends to the newest DVD releases ….  Read More

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Home Theater Audio Systems

When selecting home theater audio systems – your ears will be the Judge and your wallet will be the Jury . While enjoying your Home Theater, your audio system comes in second in importance only to your HDTV video display. There are several options when it comes to digital audio systems – from the most basic of HTiBs to ….  Read More

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The Universal Remote Control “One Remote To Control Them All”

You will need a universal remote control for your home theater system. Pardon the paraphrase of The Lord of the Rings quote “One Ring to rule them all” but that’s what a universal remote does — it replaces the cluster of remotes for the many components in your home theater system. I highly, unconditionally and exclusively recommend the Logitech Harmony line of remotes ….  Read More

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